When is Figment Derby?

FIGMENT Derby - the only FIGMENT event in the UK!- will take place on Saturday 19th August at Cathedral Green from 11:00 until 17:00.

Who can submit a project to FIGMENT?

Anyone can submit a project to FIGMENT! Adults, children, professional artists or those looking to create their first piece! Anyone who can bring their project to FIGMENT by their own means and de-install it when the event is over is welcome to submit.

Is FIGMENT a family-/child-friendly event?

FIGMENT is for everyone and very family-friendly. The event is great for kids! Cathedral Green is a public place and everything at FIGMENT is appropriate and fun for people of all ages! No precautions necessary... but please do bring everything you'd need for a day out! Sunscreeen, umbrella, plenty of water, snacks, etc.

How can I get there?

Please check our Getting there section.

What if I did not submit a project to FIGMENT but I still want to bring it?

That's fine, you are welcome to bring your art. We encourage you to bring projects that you can carry while walking. Projects will not be on our map or schedule, but FIGMENT is about serendipity and discovery so that’s quite all right. Unregistered projects will not have access to power. Please take your portable project with you when you leave the event and leave no trace.