When is Figment Derby?

This year FIGMENT Derby will be popping up at festivals around Derby and Derbyshire until we return to Cathedral Green in Derby with a big event in 2020, celebrating the opening of the new Museum of Making.

Our next outing will be at the Belper Goes Green 2018 ECO Festival on Saturday 2nd June, we hope to see you there!

Can I bring my project to one of the FIGMENT Derby pop up events?

Of course you can! Anyone can join the FIGMENT Derby team and bring projects to the different pop up events that can be de-installed when the event is over. Please sign up here and we will get in touch with you.

Is FIGMENT a family-/child-friendly event?

FIGMENT is for everyone and very family-friendly but this summer we will be part of various festivals around Derby and Derbyshire so we would advise you always check the website of the festival before attending.

Our next outing will be at Belper Goes Green on Saturday 2nd June and information about the event can be found here.

How can I get there?

Please check our Getting there section.